This short, informational article delves into the requirement that all health, safety and environmental standards are fully complied with. It takes the example of a qualified packaging and testing service. Not only are packages across all commercial sectors and industries appropriately sealed, the contents, materials and processes of distribution are also effectively tested. This is very much the case where medical packaging is concerned.

Medical packages need to be properly and safely sealed at all times to ensure that health and safety standards are being met and the patients to which the contents of these packages are destined are appropriately protected against all potential hazards. Expertise and ongoing training is required in the handling of goods deemed to be dangerous to the public. On the commercial level, expertise helps companies assess all containers being used to protect their products and brands.

Safe and reliable transportation of all materials is also ensured. It is argued that this assurance would not be possible without the applications and accuracy of testing methodologies. It would not have been possible to make this assurance without the approval of experienced test packaging experts. At the time of completing this note, four focus areas remained prevalent. These were focused on medical packaging, regulatory compliance, ensuring that packaged materials are able to withstand all, or most, environmental conditions and the safe and reliable distribution network.

It has now also become necessary to ensure that all stakeholders, as packaging testing companies’ clients, are appropriately educated and trained in ensuring that their packaged materials remain safe. This has also been as a result of legislation which covers a broad spectrum of industries and commercial enterprises. Not even the small doctor’s room or domestic environment is excluded.